Producing a logo, looking for a visual identity or creation of a printed document.

Logo and document

Several customers have already ordered the creation of their cooporate logo or the creation of brochure or a catalog.

The creation of a logo takes time to let ideas mature and create an illustration that fits your needs. We see more and more sites offering a creative logo in 5 minutes. I think it is best to think about your activity or service and from this starting point create an image as simply as possible: a strong logo which is aesthetic, which suits you and which has never been used before. It is very rare to innovate and it is common to have to change directions in order not to duplicate an existing logo. This logo must be as beautiful in small sizes as in large ones and a perfect match for your needs. Must be able to explain both choices on the form and colors. This is a very interesting and difficult exercise for an artist.


Printing a document is less the rule and more and more used in the form of PDF which can be sent by an inexpensive Email. It is important to create a good page design and to take particular care in choosing a type and color calibration images that can be integrated. It is this attention to detail that will make the difference between a Pdf that you read and that you keep with that which is deleted after having just watched the first two pages.

My competence in Color Management and ICC profile creation enables me to follow all the steps of printing to ensure accuracy with the colors.

For the creation of a logo I first worked with a simple pencil to scribble sketches, some intentions before moving on Adobe Illustrator and create a vector logo to adapt for any purpose. For documents whether printed or Pdf, I mainly use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.


Materials used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Wacom graphic tablet, Pantone colour chart.