Digital slideshows allow the use of photos to make a presentation in the form of a video.

Product interest

Video is currently the most effective communication tool. The creation of a digital slideshow allows a video with images from your library. It is also a way to put into video a difficult or expensive photograph with retouched images because movies achieved which this kind of retouching require a significant budget. The presence of a video on your website improves your SEO.

Digital slideshows are the best way to get a creative video using your stock image.

The assembly is made with specialised software for this type of work. It is possible to use both photos and videos in the same assembly. Music is applied to the film corresponding to the subject as well as text to communicate useful info. It is possible to register a written comment that can be added as sound track on images. Your company logo can also be used as well as the making of video credits for your business.


Materials used

DaVinci Resolve, Audacity, FotoMagico, Adobe Photoshop.