Shooting with a Phase One digital back to get a heavy weight file for large size printing.


This service corresponds to the creation of an image of a heavy weight to be printed on a large size format. This may be to make an image covering the exhibition stand or to decorate an entire wall of a meeting room or a company reception desk.



A quote customized to each project is estimated comprising also post-production and the essential retouching for enlargements of this file size.

Only a photograph of a heavy weight file can be used for large size printing if you want to be able to look at the picture closely while retaining details.


This kind of work needs the use of specific equipment enabling the creation of a RAW file of very high quality and flexibility of treatment allowing an increase in size during the development. The shot must be particularly careful to keep the file in all its potential treatment. The image is developed in software to take advantage of the medium format digital back RAW file before passing it in a fractal software to increase its size. The weight of the files is betwen 650Mo and 1Go to keep many details as well as a resolution allowing a large print while retaining details.

It can be interesting to use a panoramic technique to produce images capable of rendering a large panorama in a single picture.


Materials used

Camera Hasselblad H, Phase One digital back, Capture One software, Adobe Photoshop, Autopano Pro, Genuine Fractals.