Shooting corporate portraits or make a who's who of all the employees in your company.

Corporate portrait

Unfortunately, it is common to see low quality portraits used for communication because we often only have this image. Using a photograph that does not show your best look is a serious mistake. How do you want your customers to have confidence in you if you do not pay attention to your image? For a customer to see a portrait of an interlocutor is reassuring and it is the best way to make less impersonal telephone relations or mail exchange. These portraits can also be used on press printing or for the creation of a badge.

The portrait you use both for your website or for printing in the press is a reflection of your serious professional attitude.

Shooting is done by a digital back on a medium format camera or a DSLR depending on whether this service is performed during a photographic reporting in your company or these portraits are the reason for my job in your office. The camera is connected to a computer while shooting to watch the photography on a good screen size and control the quality of the image. The photograph is later processed on a retouching computer station to apply the appropriate treatment without changing your appearance. Corporate Portrait must be faithful to your image. It is a portrait, not a fashion photograph.

It is neccessary to take time to prepare room for shooting as well as lighting. For photographs requiring a background or particular decor or complex lighting, an estimate is made.

Who's who

Making a photographic who's who of your employees permits to have a quality picture for each of the employees of your company. This allows us to optimize the budget of shooting since all these portraits are done during the same shooting time. The time used for this shooting is shorter than for the corporate portrait because we optimize the time keeping the same background and lighting for all photographs.


Making a picture of who's who of your company is the most effective way to have a photographic base of all your employees at a best price.

For this kind of service a good preparation of the background and lighting is essential because it must allow us to photograph every person in a good condition. Although the time taken for each portrait is shorter than for a corporate portrait you must still provide some time for each employee. Not everyone is as comfortable around the camera and it takes sometimes a little time to make a correct portrait by reassuring the person being photographed.


Materials used

Camera Hasselblad H, Phase One digital back, DSLR camera, Flash Elinchrom, Capture One software, Adobe Photoshop.