Shot reporting. The photographs are developed with a specific setting for each image.


Reporting on events in France. Rates for half-day reporting and full-day reporting are applied for these shots. A two-hour shooting rate is possible on certain conditions. Technical costs are charged extra as well as reporting fees (hotel, restaurant, transport, …).

Delivery of images on DVD is included in the price. Photos can be uploaded on a server. The delivery of images is accompanied by a contact sheet in order to facilitate the selection of photos on DVD.
The photographs are processed in several file weights corresponding to the customer's needs, to be defined before delivery.



The photographs are captured in RAW files to ensure optimum quality images

Reporting is done by SLR cameras (DSLR). The images are processed after shooting on a calibrated station to optimize the image.

Photographic reporting using studio lighting

It is sometimes interesting to carry studio lighting to ensure the quality of light for shooting . I use either studio equipment, Elinchrom flash, or Elinchrom Ranger RX model for working without being connected to an electrical outlet to allow more flexibility. A particular rate is applied for half-day reporting or full-day reporting with studio lighting. Photographic reporting technical costs are charged extra.


Using studio flash in reporting provides flexibility to create artistic ambient lighting

Delivery of images is done on DVD or uploaded on a server. The images are accompanied by a contact sheet to facilitate the selection of photos from the DVD.


Materials used

DSLR camera, Flash Elinchrom, Elinchrom Ranger RX, ColorChecker Passport, Capture One software, Adobe Photoshop.