Shooting video on reporting. This service can be made during a photographic reporting.


Photographers are increasingly asked to make videos while shooting pictures. Customers think that a photographer who takes beautiful photos will be able to produce a video with beautiful pictures. Orders can be made to lower the costs by getting photos and videos during the same job. Often there is a simple and short video program for the internet. The order can also contain only video. I higly value the quality of the images and have the same requirement when I shoot a video.

For this service an estimate is made taking into account all the stages of production. For simple video interview during a photographic reporting the price may be included in the cost of photographic order, It will depend on the expected final product and its making time in post-production.

I apply the same requirement in my framings, my compositions or my lights either photography or videography

Video shots are made either by using the video function of a DSLR like the Canon 5D MKII or the 60D in the case of video made at the same time as a photo or with a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera in case I only shoot video. The advantage of using a BlackMagic camera is that the files are less compressed and have a better color rendering. This camera also allows to turn RAW film for optimal quality of the images if necessary. The interest of the DSLR is to enable the same equipment making photographs and quality videos. The editing is then directed at a cinema grading software to further optimize the final result. Audio mixing is done between the acquisition made during shooting and applied music to the film as well as, where appropriate, a text created later.


Materials used

DSLR camera, BMPCC, DaVinci Resolve, Audacity, Cineroid led, Micro Rode.