Photo retouching includes modifying the rendering from the assembly of several elements from different photos in one to create an impossible visual or costly shots.

Retouching and assembling

I started photo retouching in 1991 with the second version of Adobe Photoshop. My experience as head of the digital department and retouching of the photo Magenta laboratory in Paris, allowed me to work on a large number of various projects and develop skills both on photo retouching, color-management and photo assembly.

This tool has evolved well and even if today I do not have a business approach for photo retouching I use my skills for my images or to make a creation for a client. Sometimes photo retouching is the only way to get the desired visual. When shooting product prototypes it is common that the color is asked to change an object because the product specifications changed, or because you need to remove or modify a part to be consistent with the product that will be marketed.

Good retouching is when we cannot see that something has been retouched, or when it is impossible to know what part of the image has been corrected.

I use Adobe Photoshop for this kind of service and a Wacom graphics tablet, but I also use probes or spectrophotometer to ensure a good calibration of my screen graphics as well as to be able to draw profiles to optimize my RAW file development. The estimate for this service is on time, and sometimes a correction that seems difficult takes less time than another, apparently simple, which requires a long time to be well done.


Materials used

Adobe Photoshop, Wacom tablet, ProfileMaker Pro for color profiles.