Some digital shots require the creation of a makeshift studio at the customer's office,
especially when it is too difficult to move all objects to the photographer's studio or they pose transport problems.


A studio is mounted on the spot with all the usual lighting possibilities. The background is moved or constructed for the occasion with a cost estimate based on the specific requirements. According to the needs, two calibrated stations can be set up. One station for shooting, and one station for calibration and retouching. The final photographs are saved on a DVD or uploaded on a server.

The photographes are shot using a high definition digital back on medium format camera.
After shooting, photography is treated for color accuracy on a color calibrated computer using software which enhances the quality of the raw file. A final phase of optimization is performed on a pen tablet. The files are prepared in various weights without extra billing.



The rate is calculated on the basis of half-day or a full-day work.

The creation of the background can increase the duration of the shooting and it is important to clearly define the needs to set up all the necessary equipment when shooting pictures.

When respect for color is essential, I use a color card composed of patches of different colors to create an ICC custom profile to optimize rendering. A custom profile has the advantage of being more accurate than generic profiles included on a raw file development software. Each modification of lighting or decoration requires the creation of a new ICC color profile to maintain this quality of restitution. These profiles are then used to develop all RAW files created by the digital back.


Materials used

Camera Hasselblad H, Phase One digital back, Flash Elinchrom, Capture One software, Adobe Photoshop, ProfileMaker Pro for color profiles.