Shooting with the HDR technique to keep image dynamics relevant to the scene and taken a panoramic view to photograph a wide view angle.


HDR shooting or High Dynamic Range keeps a greater density of latitude and thus it maintains the detail in the highlights and low lights. This technique is especially useful for images with high exposure difference between the high and low lights. The HDR image processing often gives a special atmosphere. This technique can be combined with others like panoramic views for amazing effects.

For shots that require a background or a particular decor or complex lighting, an estimate is made.



HDR is the only technique to photograph a scene with large dynamic range

The shots are made with a digital back medium format or a DSLR camera (DSLR) they are then treated with a specialized software, Photomatix, and then finalised with Adobe Photoshop to bring them back in a color printing space or use on the internet.

Panoramic photography

Making a Panoramic picture keeps in a single image a wide shooting angle or photographing 360° around you. So from a certain location that surrounds you is going to be in the final image. These pictures have a particular highly elongated scaling. They may illustrate a location fit as a website banner or decorate a wall of a room. In this case this technique is combined with a shot of a large file size.



Panoramic is the technique that allows a 360° image in elongated form.

The shots are made either with a digital back medium format or a DSLR camera which is fixed on a particular head to rotate and adjust the rotational axis of the nodal point of the lens. I use Autopano Pro software to develop these images and finish processing in Adobe Photoshop.


Materials used

Camera Hasselblad H, Phase One digital back, Capture One software, Adobe Photoshop, Autopano Pro, Kaidan head.