Art print of photography on a pure cotton Fine Art paper.


For something to be considered Author printing or Art printing it must be numbered with a maximum number of 30 copies all sizes combined.
The Art print comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Fine art paper is still manufactured in a traditional way, often in pure cotton but you can now find some made from bamboo which has an interesting rendering. All these expensive types of paper should not be confused with regular industrial paper for inkjet printing. The surface of fine art paper provides high-quality printing with impressive resolution and a high ink coverage for a color depth greater than the finest traditional photographic paper.


For an optimal printing result an ICC color profile is created for each type of paper to optimize the rendering and the accuracy of the colors.

The sketch is made with a pigment ink to ensure its preservation in time. The choice of support and its texture is related to the picture. We can still differentiate the types of rendering; Mat, gloss or barium sulphate coating. Different surfaces; textured or smooth and the whiteness of the support a Bright White for an extra white or a natural associated with a pronounced texture for a watercolour paper effect. Barium type paper approaches traditional photo result during barium photo exhibitions. The different kinds of paper now available allow the creation of unique art print with an amazing rendering.


Materials used

Hahnemühle, Adobe Photoshop, ProfileMaker Pro for color profiles, X-rite i1Pro.