Product video highlighting the item and demonstrating its use.


Video has become the best of the internet media. A website with videos is placed on top by web search engines. It is also the best way to provide information about the use or installation of a product, customers are often more interested in watching a video than reading an instruction manual.

For video requiring a particular background or decor or complex lighting, an estimate is made.

Internet video is the most effective tool to promote and sell a product

The film is edited on a color grading movie software, the DaVinci Resolve, to use the potential of this tool for grading color images. I use a color card composed of patches of different colors to facilitate compliance with color accuracy. The use of equipment such as a Slider or Skater provides interesting camera movements.


Materials used

BlackMagic Cinema Camera, BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve, Fluorescent lighting, Led lighting, Slider, Skater, SmallHD monitor.